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Selling Pre-Loved♥ CD/ DVD

Hello all :)

I have currently two pre-loved♥ CD/DVD that I am selling it out for a reasonable price.
These two pre-loved♥ are only being heard once or twice after being bought from the shop. I am serious, real serious here only once or twice.
CD and the DVD is still in a reasonable good condition. As usual and its normal to have a little scratches on the cover but unnoticeable.
I am selling the Akuma No Koi/NYC[with DVD/Limited Edition Type A] and Akuma No Koi/NYC Regular Edition.

Pictures as below:

-Akuma No Koi / NYC[with DVD/Limited Edition Type A]-

-Akuma No Koi/NYC Regular Edition.-

Prices stated here aren't included with the shipping fee as the shipping fee are different from country to country.

-Akuma No Koi / NYC[with DVD/Limited Edition Type A]-

Original price bought 2 years ago : MYR63
selling off at : MYR55

it consist of CD 3 songs- NYC / Akuma No Koi / Dial Up
                             DVD- 1 Akuma No Koi Music Clip / 1 Making / 1 Jacket Shooting / 1 NYC live performance [2009.6.7]

-Akuma No Koi / NYC Regular Edition-

Original price bought 2 years ago : MYR48
selling off at : MYR38

it consist of CD 3 songs- Akuma No Koi / NYC / I can catch the moon / NYC original karaoke / Akuma No Koi original karaoke.

Please feel free to contact me if you interested by leaving a comment , mentioning me on twitter @nataliecxc or email me at nataliecxc2210@gmail.com

Its based on first come first serve basis, so if you want it please contact me fast.
I have sold items on livejournal before and I am honest with my pricing and its not a scam.

Thank You.

Number ONE fan forever.

Title: Number One fan forever
Genre: Fluff , angst
Pairing: ChinenXOC , YamadaXOC , Yuto will appear too.
Summary: Amuro and Chinen is a cute couple together.But somehow Yamada has feelings for Chinen and it kind off got into the way of Chinen and Amuro. As always, Chinen still loves Amuro no matter what. In the end Chinen as always will support Amuro in whatever she do and always tells her that no matter what he will be with her and be her number 1 fan.
Disclaimer:The story is a little bit strange as in its not really smooth in a way. This is my first time posting a fic so please forgive.

Number one fan as always. Collapse )